February 14, 2015 |

If you have never heard of Pete Yorn, you are in for a treat! Gracing the stage of Fitzgerald’s on Wednesday, February 18th is none other than the uniquely talented singer-songwriter, who is taking the opportunity to reintroduce himself to fans on the most intimate terms possible—just him and his guitar. On his “You and Me” acoustic tour, Yorn is going back to the basics and showing off the chops that got him where he is today.

Yorn got his big music break in 1999 when Bradley Thomas, a film producer who had taken quite an interest in Yorn’s work, asked him to send some rough demos for possible inclusion in the Farrelly Brothers' film Me, Myself and Irene. Impressed by what he heard, Thomas gave Yorn the opportunity that sparked his career—a job scoring all of the music to the film. In addition, Pete Yorn also contributed the songs "Strange Condition" and "Just Another" to the film and its soundtrack.

After experiencing this taste of success, Yorn went on to release musicforthemorningafter, his debut album that went gold and served as a launchpad to his successful music career. Rolling Stone awarded the album 4 stars and declared Yorn one of "Ten Artists to Watch in 2001.” "The year 2001 belonged to Yorn, and his critical praise was not unwarranted, with musicforthemorningafter marking the stunning beginning of a long, varied career," stated AllMusicGuide's MacKenzie Wilson.

Pete Yorn has been a bit of a musical hermit since his last record release (self-titled 2010 album Pete Yorn) over six years ago. However, Yorn does have another album on the way, and fans can expect to hear a generous sampling of his latest songs. In addition, his performance will include an assortment of past work, including songs from his 2001 breakthrough debut album, musicforthemorningafter. Select pieces from an array of side projects are sure to be featured as well, potentially including works from his cabaret-duets record Break Up with Scarlett Johansson and snippets from his collaborations with musician J.D. King (together known as The Olms).

Perhaps most exciting is the chance to hear Yorn’s new work. Throughout the years, his musical style has become increasingly unpredictable as he pushes genre boundaries and draws inspiration from artists that inspire him. For example, Yorn (inspired by producer and role model Frank Black) abandoned the baroque orchestrations of his critically acclaimed previous work to expose a more raw, adrenalized rock n’ roll flair on his 2010 self-titled album.

“My attention to something runs high and then all of a sudden I’m into something else,” says Yorn. “That’s part of why I put out three records in a year and they’re all so different sounding. I have to mix it up to stay inspired.”

It is anyone’s best guess as to what Pete Yorn is up to next. However, one thing is certain—the amazing performer will, no doubt, leave his many Houston fans on a high note.

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