January 24, 2015 |

In the mood for a goofball comedy? Sugar Land’s Inspiration Stage is excited to present a fun-filled evening that will take you on the ride of your life!

From February 13th-21st, the children of Inspiration Stage will be performing Run for Your Wife—a wacky adventure filled with laughter and surprise that is sure to tickle your fancy.

Located in Sugar Land, Inspiration Stage is a performing arts studio and theatre which empowers and encourages students’ intellectual and emotional growth through storytelling and role playing.

Inspiration Stage has been producing shows for the past year with great success. Since its opening one year ago, the program has produced seven remarkable youth shows and one spectacular adult show. In addition, the program has won a national acting award, participated and won state acclaim at the Texas Nonprofit Theatres 2014 Youth Conference, and has performed at six traveling venues.

At the 2014 Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, GA,  Inspiration Stage was one of twelve companies granted an Excellence in Acting award. Quite an impressive feat, as the competition included 93 participating troupes from 26 states nationwide.

Inspiration Stage’s upcoming performance, Run for Your Wife, is the story of a London cab driver named John Smith. He juggles two lives between his two wives...a mouthful in itself!

With one wife living in Streatham and one living in Wimbledon, Smith ventures on an eternal quest to keep his lives separate and his alternate identities a secret from everyone he knows and loves.

Trouble ensues when Smith is mugged and ends up in hospital—both addresses pop up in his background information, causing both the Streatham and Wimbledon police to investigate.

Smith becomes hopelessly entangled in a messy web of lies and deceit. The audience will delight in Smith’s ridiculous attempts to escape the maze he has created for himself.

Head to the Sugar Land Auditorium this February to see the wonderful children of Inspiration Stage perform—you are sure to be impressed by the talent that awaits!

For more information about this event, visit here.

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