March 1, 2013 |

Getting clutter under control and maintaining it can make any home more enjoyable to live in and have fun. Can’t find matching pillowcases or yesterday’s mail? Work style and environment play a large role in keeping and staying organized. Some tips to consider when being organized include:

  1. Find an open place to sort. For some it may be a table or the floor, and for others it may be the back yard. How long have I lived with it without using it? Is keeping it worth making the space? Does it fit into my lifestyle today?
  2. Put everything into one of three categories: keep, donate and toss.
  3. After you see the uncluttered space, re-sort the "keep" pile to determine if there's anything else to eliminate.

Putting an end to clutter can help you and your family enjoy your home and life to the fullest. It is a real possibility to get and keep clutter under control. While the definition of clutter differs from household to household, clutter control methods can be applied to any home with positive results.