Buyout Program

Home Buyout Program Features

  • Newmark's Home buyout offer is 96% of the appraised value.
    • We use a third-party appraiser to set the value.
  • We list the house for sale right away.
    • The home is purchased only if it doesn’t sell before the new one is ready.
  • 100% profit reimbursement guarantee.
    • If we sell it for more than we purchased the home, we will give all profit back to you.
  • No price cap on homes we purchase.
    • We have purchased homes in excess of $700,000.
  • Removes the contingency, which increases the certainty of closing on your new home.
  • This program is offered through a third party partnership with a Real estate company. Certain restrictions apply, and the program may not be available if you’re already represented by a real estate professional.  
  • For more details, please ask a community sales manager for more details.

Lease Buyout Program

Newmark offers a Lease Buyout Program for potential buyers that still have time left on their lease. We will use the commission from the sale of the new home to buy you out of your lease.

Here are the basic steps that we take with a potential buyer:

  • We will examine your lease (free & 100% confidential).
  • As long as the new home commission covers the amount we have to buy out your lease, we can do it.
  • We give you a contribution out of our commission at the new home closing to cover the amount of the buyout.
  • We can credit the money on the closing statement or give you a check after closing, whatever works best for you.
  • We do not contact the landlord/property management.
  • For more details, please ask a community sales manager for more details.

*Newmark works with a preferred partner that offers these programs. At this time, these programs are only offered in Houston.

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