Curated Collections

What are the Curated Collections?

The most recent design addition to Newmark Homes are the Curated Collections, a set of packages Newmark’s award-winning designers have put together to help our buyers design their home in one sitting. The entire process can be completed at the time of contract, allowing our buyers to immediately know the final look, feel, and almost as important, price from the onset.

The collections allow the buyer to move through the design portion of the home building process seamlessly, quickly and with the confidence their home was designed by the very best in the industry. Buyers will know their contract price immediately and be able to cut their total build time down by a month or two. This process is truly the definition of a win-win.

Newmark Curated Collections

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How did the Curated Collections come to be?

Over the last ten-plus years, Newmark has made cutting-edge design a cornerstone of our process. We have some of the industry’s most decorated designers on staff who have helped push our company to become a leader in design and a brand other builders look to, to understand trends and where the market is going. We have access to materials and distributors that allow our homes to look and feel beautiful while meeting the highest quality thresholds, all at affordable and attainable prices.

Our designers understand no two buyers have the same needs, tastes, and requirements, so when designing our Curated Collections we started with the simple concept of tone. We offer the white, the warm, and the gray collections. Within each collection, we then added multiple colors and material options that are all interchangeable. Buyers can choose from multiple flooring options, multiple metal finishes, and even multiple front doors all that work seamlessly together to create a space that is unique to our buyer’s home.

What is the process?

Choosing one of the Curated Collections allows Newmark to immediately put a home in line to start construction. Once the selections are finalized, they are sent to our design team for review, and if there are any questions the buyers have through the process, the designers will be available to answer them all.

  1. Work with the Community Sales Manager to select a floorplan and homesite
  2. Make the decision to go with Curated Collections
  3. Choose between the white, gray or warm collections
  4. Select from multiple, interchangeable color and material options
  5. Receive the final contract price and sign off!
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